Data Management

Data is the corner stone of every business, maintaining proper control is they key to success. Simply storing your data is not enough, it has to be stored within a system that allows you to manipulate it and run reports and make use of the information within. Efficient data management enables you to ensure your customers are kept happy, and allows you to plan and forecast which will allow you shape the future of your business. Keeping your data safe is vitally important, so an effective backup and recovery plan must also be considered.

Database Management Services

DatabasesData Volumes: The volume of data a company produces is increasing at unprecedented rates as we move to an online world. A database ensures a company has access to the information and files it needs quickly and easily. However without the right infrastructure to manage data effectively, systems can quickly break down and seriously impede the functioning and growth of a business leading to downtime and loss of sales.

Designing the database properly is key, with careful planning required to ensure the system works with your company's business workflows and needs, not against them. For companies who already have a database system in place we can analyse and recommend changes and improvements if required that can boost productivity and ensure smoother running of the business.


Database Management Services

MySQL DatabasesMySQL: MySQL powers many e-commerce, web sites and online transaction processing (OLTP) applications. Delivering a scalable, performance and easy to use product making it the world's most popular open source database.

Oracle DatabasesOracle: Oracle databases are the foundation of many complex and advanced systems, if you need any assistance with your Oracle installations get in touch.

Softek can set up and maintain your MySQL or Oracle infrastructure analysing which solution is best for your business. If you already have a database platform in place we can audit your existing system for performance improvements and advise how to make best use of your systems.


Custom Reports

Custom ReportsReports: Storing your business data electronically is only part of creating a viable and useful IT system. Being able to produce meaningful reports allows you to monitor your existing business efficiency, identify areas for improvement and growth and project future revenue and performance enabling you to be one step ahead of your competitors.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Many companies take no consideration for data backup and recovery and only act when it is too late. Keeping your data safe is a mission critical aspect to your companies IT system, any loss of information could result in catastrophic losses to your reputation and business. A well designed backup policy will help protect you from such issues, in additional it will provide you with advanced features such as retrieving previous files. A good backup policy also needs a well thought out disaster recovery strategy to get you up and running quickly in the event of hardware or equipment loss.

Data BackupsBackups: Various backup options exist, from traditional tape drives to automatic remote backup to "the cloud". It is important to consider what data needs to be backed up, and also how data stored on users local computers is dealt with. As well as protecting from equipment failure, it is important to consider the possibility of a malicious user deleting data. Archiving of backups at certain intervals enables retrieval of previous versions of files, allowing you to recoup lost data.


Disaster Recovery (DR)Disaster Recovery: A disaster recovery plan allows your business to respond to a failure of equipment, or loss of office due to flood or robbery, in a quick and efficient manner allowing your business to return to normal as quickly as possible.



A badly thought out backup or disaster recovery plan can lead to complacency and provide a false sense of security. Softek will analyse your IT systems and identify your backup needs and any key weaknesses that should be accounted for. Our backup and recovery engineers know exactly where to look to ensure you have a watertight policy that will ensure the highest levels of data integrity and the fastest recovery possible should disaster strike.


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