IT Services

When setting up a new business, it is vital that your IT infrastructure is appropriate to give your business the best foundation from which to grow. Softek IT can recommend and install the best hardware and software solution to suit your individual business needs. If you have an existing IT system in place we can advise on the most cost effective ways to upgrade your systems in line with your business needs.


IT InfrastructureIT Infrastructure: Whether you are a sole trader with a single laptop, printer and basic internet connection, or a large organisation with multiple offices, you need your IT infrastructure to perform for you. Badly designed systems or poorly trained staff can hold back the potential of your business.


Our in depth experience supplying IT infrastructure to companies of all kinds allows us to design the best systems for your business and budget. Often only small changes are required for big results, and our experience allows us to target key areas for improvement quickly. We are also experts in identifying areas where existing business practises can be improved with the use of IT systems.



Our in-depth experience allows us to support a wide variety of hardware and software systems. Whatever your problem, from faulty equipment to malfunctioning software, our team will work with you to identify the issue and provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

IT InfrastructureIT Department: We provide a range of support packages appropriate to your business needs to ensure experts are just a phone call away. When needed enjoy the benefits of having your own IT team without the overheads of running an in-house IT department. We can provide quick response and out-of-hours service for time-critical support issues.


Software InstallationsSoftware: From identifying bugs in your existing IT systems, to training staff on how to get your software to do what they need, Softek can ensure you utilise your software effectively and efficiently.


Business IT Consultation

IT ConsultancyThe right IT systems allow a company to perform their business efficiently, ensuring high staff productivity and smooth relations with customers. The wrong IT system can hinder business development and harm both customer and staff satisfaction. Often businesses know what they would like their IT systems to provide, but are unable to find the right solution to achieve these goals. Other businesses have never reviewed their business practices and don't realise what could be achieved with the right IT system.

Softek has helped many businesses develop and grow their IT systems. Our business development experts can help identify weaknesses in your existing systems, and analyse where your business can be improved with new or modern technologies.


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