5 reasons your business should have a mobile application

1. Customers Love Mobile Devices

Fact: Smartphones and mobile devices are outselling PCs and laptops.

Mobile devices are portable and go wherever your customers go. By 2014 there will be more mobile devices than all the PC's in the world. Smartphone users are typically glued to their phones. One half of all local searches are now performed on mobile devices.

2. Spare Time

Let’s face it – mobile devices are addictive, people use them all the time, even when it’s not appropriate to! People on the move now have the ability to use their spare time to browse the internet or do their shopping. With the imminent roll out of 4G across the UK, access to high speed networks will be far easier. If your company doesn't have a mobile application you will get left behind.

3. Email is dated

With spam emails constantly filling our in-boxes, customers don't take note of what is in their email box anymore and assume genuine signed up marketing messages are spam.

A mobile app provides a completely different way to reach your customers and users, without having your updates and information put into their email spam folder.

4. Communication channels

Mobile apps give you a direct channel of communication to your clients and fans, this can be used to push out exclusive offers instantly to app holders.

Use your app to offer special discounts, share exclusive content, offer exclusive deals to app holders on whatever is new and special.

5. Be different

Every business has a website, Facebook page and Twitter account. How do you set yourself apart? Have your very own personal mobile phone application in the palm of your customers hands.